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Provisioning data

The following data can be loaded using auto-provisioning:


Gigaset VoIP phones have many configuration parameters but only a small subset is required for provisioning.

  • General device data

This data is supplied statically via a template and comprises

    • General settings for the SIP account, e.g. proxy, registration and STUN server address, port numbers, etc.
    • NTP settings, e.g. a time server address
    • Settings for Info services

  • User-specific data

It can be extracted from the provisioning database and comprises, for example

    • SIP username and password
    • LAN settings
    • Voice mail settings, e.g mail account data
    • Settings for network directories, e.g. online phonebooks

See here for all available parameters.

WebUI texts (optional)

For Gigaset DECT IP phones (e.g. Gigaset N510 IP PRO) only the English language is implemented by default in the firmware. All other languages have to be downloaded from the provisioning server when selected by the user.

Firmware update files (optional)

The provisioner can decide to also host the firmware files on the provisioning server. Gigaset delivers a package with all the current firmware files for the VoIP phones.

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