In the Gigaset PRO lifecycle there are 3 phases

  • End Of Sales (EOS)
  • End Of Life (EOL)
  • No Support (NS)

On this page you can find all PRO devices where we have declared an End Of Sales.

DECT handsets
ProductsEOSEOLNSReplacement product
SL750H PRO02/202102/202302/2024SL800H PRO
S650H PRO03/202103/202303/2024S700H PRO
R650H PRO12/202112/202312/2024R700H PRO
SL610H PRO12/201712/201912/2020SL750H PRO
S510H PRO12/201712/201912/2020S650H PRO
R630H PRO12/201712/201912/2020R650H PRO
DECT basestations
ProductsEOSEOLNSReplacement product
N510 IP PRO12/202312/202512/2026N610 IP PRO
N720 DM PRO12/202212/202412/2025N870 IP PRO
N720 IP PRO12/202212/202412/2025N870 IP PRO
DX80012/202112/202312/2024Fusion (FX800W PRO)
Desktop phones
ProductsEOSEOLNSReplacement product
Maxwell Basic03/202412/202403/2027
Maxwell 210/202312/202410/2026
Maxwell 310/202312/202410/2026
Maxwell 412/202312/202412/2026
Exp. Module03/202412/202403/2027
Maxwell 10 (S)10/201910/202110/2022
DE900 IP04/201604/201804/2019Maxwell 4
DE700 IP12/201512/201712/2018Maxwell 3
DE410 IP03/201603/201803/2019Maxwell 2
DE310 IP04/201604/201804/2019Maxwell Basic
ZY70009/201609/201809/2019Maxwell Expansion Module
ZY90009/201609/201809/2019Maxwell Expansion Module
PBX systems
ProductsEOSEOLNSReplacement product
T500 PRO05/201405/201605/2017T640
T300 PRO06/201406/201606/2017T440
Hybird 120 GE12/201412/201612/2017
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