Blumit srl

Blumit Srl is an innovative SME based in Milan, founded by three partners specialised in the design, creation and management of software and hardware solutions for workplace safety, industrial automation and event management in the healthcare sector. 


The proprietary BlumApp platform, present on the cloud or installable on any server (appliance, virtual or physical), is able to take any type of event as input (regardless the systems that generate it), process the information contained and then generate of the outputs. BlumApp is the first, innovative, platform aimed at solving problems related to data and event management in the industrial and healthcare fields, mainly focused on workplace safety, industrial automation, logistics, access control and evacuation, nurse call and patient escape.

The BlumApp project, conceived in line with the logic of ” Industry 4.0 ″, of the most advanced systems of industrial automation and with the most recent IOT trends, it has the ambition to become one of the reference solutions for some business problems such as solitary work, protection from alarms in the industrial sector, access and evacuation control, personnel safety , the need for integration of heterogeneous systems in the industrial and healthcare world.

Application areas:

  • Security
  • Health sector
  • Industrial automation
  • Home automation
  • Logistics
  • IOT
  • Access control

More information on the WebSite:

and on the whitepaper:


Full support of the handset R700H Protect PRO.

See below for a list with supported features when using the Gigaset Nx70 together with the Blumit management platform.

AML Feature                                       Supported
Send message prio 1 - 9
Title: Text
Title: Color (White / Green / Yellow / Red / Blue)
Icons: Type, supporting the Gigaset icon range
Icons: Color (White / Green / Yellow / Red / Blue)
Ringtone: Melody prio Low / Medium / High / Silent
Ringtone: Set/overrule volume
Message paragraph 1: Text
Message paragraph 1: Color
Message paragraph 1: Align
Message paragraph 1: Blinking
Message paragraph 1: Bold
Message paragraph 1: Underline
Message paragraph 2: Text
Message paragraph 2: Color
Message paragraph 2: Align
Message paragraph 2: Blinking
Message paragraph 2: Bold
Message paragraph 2: Underline
Vibration: Enable yes/no
Silencing: Overrule the user silence settings
Delete message: Allowed yes/no
Ignore message: Allowed yes/no
Presentation timer: How long the message is displayed on the handset
Time to Live: How long the message is stored on the DECT system
Reply options: Using softkeys to reply on messages
Message user response: Server reacts on user handling/feedback
Location: Server can ask HS to send DECT signal information
Location: Server can ask HS to send BLE beacons information
Start Alarm call via key/number: Dial phone number