From software 2.38 it is possible to upgrade an N670 to an N870 feature level.

The table below describes the changes after upgrade.

FeatureN670N670 upgraded to N870 feature level
Max. number of DECT handsets20250
Max. number of additional Base stations260

Act as DECT base behind

  • N870
  • N670 upgraded to N870 feature level
Behind integrator: RoamingNoYes
Role Integrator onlyNoNo

For this you need to add a license. In the N670 web-interface go to: System - Licensing

  1. Copy the MAC-ID from the STATUS page (12 digits MAC address + 4 digits)
  2. Order the “N670 UPGRADE TO N870 FEATURE LEVEL (S30852-H2714-X3)” and add the MAC-ID to the order
  3. Gigaset will activate the license and delivers a “License Activation File
  4. Upload the “License Activation File
How to delete the license

In case you need to remove this license you have to do it via the cli interface with "sudo reset2factory hard".

Integrator N670 support

When connecting an N670 behind an Virtual Integrator or N870 in the role Integrator only then.

SystemN870 in Integrator role onlyVirtual Integrator
N870 / N670 Multi-cell (with license)Up to 4Up to 100
N670 Single cell (No license)Up to 20Up to 300
Maximum 24 ( 4+ 20)400 (100 + 300)
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