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The following handsets can be used for AML, other handsets are not supported.

AML featureSL800H PROS700H PROR700H PROR650H PROS650H PROSL750H PROOpenStage M3
Receive/show messages
Up to 2 message paragraphs
Message text: Align / Blinking / Bold / Underline
Message text color----
Message icons: Advanced/Basic•/••/••/•-/•-/•-/•-/•
Colored icons----
Message ringtones Advanced/Basic•/••/••/•-/•-/•-/•-/•
Reply message using softkeys
Message list
Message list icons----
Overrule handset settings (DND/volume/vibration)----
Message presentation timer
Message time to live
DECT Location-
BT Location----
Auto provisioning of the DECT handsets----
Alarm call via feature key (Call based)-----
Man down / Fast motion / Pull cord / ...------
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