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The Alarm, Messaging and Location (AML) feature contains the following features.  (Software version 2.42.0 or higher is required)

  1. Alarm: The user can start an Alarm from the DECT handset
  2. Messaging: Messages from an Alarm server (Other server/platform) are send to the DECT handsets
  3. Location: The location of an handset made visible on an location/alarm server

The user would have the possibility to trigger an alarm via the DECT handset. Of course in these environments, handsets are just one way to trigger an alarm. External buttons or sensors often are also available.

Specialized DECT handsets can automatically generate alarm calls to the configured alarm destination. The alerted party recognizes the alerting party from the caller's phone number for example. The following possibilities are available to start alarm calls.

FAQ Nx70 - Alarm


An alarm server can send messages to the DECT handset via: 

MQTT interface

Via the MQTT interface, the following functions are possible.

  • 5 priority levels 
  • Ringtones: Low/Medium/High/Silent
  • Headline and body text
  • Respond via softkeys: OK/Acknowledge/Decline/Make Call/...
  • Message icon type and color
  • Presentation timer / time to live
  • Messaging list options
  • Ignore message allowed

SIP message

As some platforms just want to send a SIP message to a DECT handset, we offer an SIP message to MQTT converter that will automatic convert the received SIP message to an pre-defined MQTT command. 

  • Priority 3 message
  • Ringtone: Medium
  • Headline: "Info"
  • Body text: Content of SIP message
  • Presentation timer: 30 seconds / TTL: 3600 seconds
  • Message Icon "i"


!!! Each handset that is allowed to receive Messages needs an handset messaging License !!!

  • DECT location
  • Bluetooth
    • R700H / S700H / SL800H can act as an BT Beacon
    • R700H / S700H / SL800H can scan and report BT Beacons found


!!! Each handset that is required to send Location data needs an handset location License !!!

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