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  • The base stations should be installed at least 1.8 meters above the ground. 
  • To the ceiling a minimum distance of 10 centimeters should be kept.
  • The optimal installation height for a base is between 1.8 and 3m depending on the room height.
  • We recommend installing all base stations at the same height.
  • The minimum distance between stations depends on the environment and if the base stations are synchronised.
    • Bases are slot synchronised (For example: 2 bases of the same N870 system that are synchronised)
      • Then a minimum distance of 30 cm should be maintained
    • Base are not synchronised
      • If 2 DECT base stations are not synchronized their slot-frames will drift over time. So, depending on their crystal frequency difference, one base will transmit in the receive frame of the other base station (and vice versa) after some time. This will block at least one or more slots on all frequencies and disturb the signal of the handsets. This effect is depending on the distance of the 2 bases. If there is direct visual contact, a distance of 5 to 10 m should be maintained. If walls or furniture affect the signal, a distance of 1 to 2m may be sufficient.
  • To supply a hotspot, several base stations can be mounted side by side.
  • The distance to supply lines, cable ducts or metal cabinets should also be at least 10 centimeters.
  • The approved operating temperature of the base stations is between + 5 ° and + 45 ° Celsius.
  • Observer the safety distances and safety regulations. Observe the regulations specified in rooms where there is danger of explosions.

Bases are synchronised, min 30 cm distance

Base are not synchronised 

  • Do not install the base stations in Suspended ceilings, cup boards or other closed furnishings. The wireless coverage can be significantly reduced, depending on the materials used.
  • The location and alignment of the base stations installed should be identical to the position deemed optimum during the measurement stage.

  • The base stations should be installed vertically.

  • Avoid installations in the direct vicinity of cable channels, metal cupboards or other larger metal parts. These can reduce the radiation and couple into interfering signals. There should be a minimum distance of 10 cm.

 We changed the distance from 50 cm to 10 cm.

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