Regular updates to the firmware for the DECT manager and base stations can be found on this wiki.

The firmware can be updated via:

  1. Auto-provisioning
  2. Web-interface via upload firmware file
  3. Web-interface via URL to firmware file

Upgrade and Downgrade are supported.


If you upload the firmware via the web-interface, the base stations‘ firmware is updated automatically by the DECT manager. This means that the DECT manager acts like a "proxy" for the base stations.

How long does a firmware update take?

When an firmware update is started you would be able to see that the DECT manager (with DECT base enabled) is already started but the DECT base stays disabled for some time, which can take up to 900 seconds.

The expected time for the whole system can be calculated: Upgrade time = Time for DM firmware update + (360 seconds + number of BSs * 10 seconds, limited to max timer = 900 seconds.)

The delay ensures a good and stable firmware update. Handsets will try to connect to active base stations when they are in range. During firmware update, base stations will start/restart, to avoid many handsets try to connect and cause high load which could cause instability, a delay is implemented. After the firmware update is ready the whole DECT system will start and handsets will have all base stations available to reconnect.


Upload the software via the web-interface:

The firmware is stored on the DECT manager and distributed to the base stations.

In the web-interface go to: SETTINGS - System - Firmware

  • Click Browse... and select the firmware file from your computer‘s file system.
  • Click Upload to upload the firmware file.
  • When ready, the pop-up "Press SET to start update schedule" will appear.
    The URL to the firmware file will change to the local storage: http://localhost/swupdate/<firmwarefile>
  • Select Immediately if you want to start the update now.
  • Scroll down and press SET
  • The firmware update will start after a few minutes.

From software 2.32 or higher you see an icon if the firmware update is started.

You can downgrade to the previous version and keep your settings. If you downgrade to any other version, your device will be factory default

Firmware update from an HTTP server

If you do not have the file on your PC, you can also enter the URL of the firmware file that is stored on an external HTTP server. When the firmware update is started, all the devices will download the firmware from this external server.

Current versionShows the current firmware version of the Integrator/DECT manager on which you are logged in.
Backup available for previous versionYou can downgrade the firmware by installing any older version. When installing a new firmware the system automatically creates a data backup for the recent firmware. If you later downgrade to this version the data backup will be installed on the system. This way you have a downgrade to previous firmware version and data settings. Downgrade to any other version will reset the device to factory settings.
URL to firmware fileIn the text field specify the URL of the configuration server where the firmware is located or click Browse... and select the firmware file from your computer‘s file system.
Planned schedule

At a specific date: Deselect the check box Immediately Enter the exact start time in the format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm
Immediately: Select the check box next to Immediately (default) . . . the firmware update is started when you click on the Set button.

Confirmed scheduleShows Immediately or the date for the next planned firmware update.
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