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Per DECT manager (N870) up to 250 handsets can be connected. To allow inter-DECT-manager roaming, the regular load of handsets planned to be attached to one DECT manager should be lower (approx. 80 %).

60 DECT calls could be made simultaneously for VoIP calls, network directory sessions and info centre sessions. For information on handset functions in relation to Gigaset base stations.

Subscribers can accept or initiate calls in all DECT cells with their handset (Roaming), and can also switch between the DECT cells during a call (Handover). A handover is only possible if cells are synchronised.

If an DECT device that is not a Gigaset PRO handset is registered it will be seen as a GAP handset with limited functionality.

Gigaset can not guarantee that all GAP devices can be used and that after an update all GAP devices will stay supported. Only the handsets below are guaranteed. 

Supported Handsets
Gigaset pro handsetsUnify
Maxwell CSL750H PROR650H PROS650H PROSL610H PROR630H PROS510H PROOpenStage M3

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