Valid for: 
From SW version: 2.52

N670N870N870EN870 VI

Here we log the changes made in the device.

Search in the diagnostic file for: "===> user changes"

The log entries are MQTT publication of database changes back to the originator specific MQTT topics

Jan 13 11:13:55.231 xxl/db/xxl/prov/noti/dba/WebUI/update/1 {"payload":{"WebUI":{"1":{"Language":"en-bt"}}}}
Jan 16 08:35:52.344 xxl/db/xxl/web/noti/dba/hs/update/02ea0aa3ab {"msgId":"admin_1649459928","payload":{"hs":{"02ea0aa3ab":{"LocationAML":"0"}}}}
Sender partdestination topicParameter information


database notifying a change

xxl/web/Successful changes initiated by web sessionInformation about the parameters that are changed
xxl/prov/Successful changes initiated by provisioning