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The Software Update Over The Air (SUOTA) functionality provides the possibility to

  • Upgrade DECT handsets via software Over-The-Air.

From software 2.44.0 SUOTA can be enabled via auto-provisioning.

To start SUOTA:

  1. On the handset go to: Menu - Settings - System - Handset Update
  2. Click "Update", the device will check the software on the server but you will not get a "New firmware available" message 
  3. Click "Update" a second time and then when new firmware is available, firmware update can be started

  • Via SUOTA up to 4 handsets can be simultaneously updated
  • Handsets should stay connected to the same base during SUOTA firmware update, roaming during SUOTA is not allowed

Provisioning template

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<provisioning version="1.1" productID="e2">


<!-- switch on SUOTA -->
<param name="DmGlobal.0.SuotaEnable" value="1" />



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