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System overview

An N870 Small sized system is described below. 

Minimum SizeMaximum Size

DECT Integrator &

DECT Manager &


Additional DECT Base09 (1 - 9)
DECT Handsets*50
Max. Parallel calls

5 (< 2.29.1)

8 (>= 2.29.1)


Connection capacity
Enabled codecsINT + DM + BaseBase only
G.711 only510
G.729 & G.71158
G.722 & G.729 & G.71155

* = Number of handsets is based on the required traffic volume (Erlang E).

Recommendation maximum number of handsets.

On the DECT side there are also limitations based on number of DECT channels, signalling,...

We recommend to use maximum 20 DECT handsets per DECT base, more is surely possible but 20 is an realistic number.

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