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Release date:

Oct. 2017



New features

  • BROADSOFT: Xtended Services Authentication (XSI)
  • BROADSOFT: Xtended Service Phonebook
    • Enterprise
    • Enterprise Common
    • Group
    • Group Common
    • Personal
  • Secure XML phonebook support


  • Crash when removing certificate

  • DNS SRV works now also when platform answers with Error 500 
  • Reboot after LDAP request problems solved
  • Broken LDAP request problem solved
  • Improve DHCP option 66 and 114 to retrieve MAC.xml provisioning file if master.bin is not available
  • XML phonebook problems with Cyrillic character set fixed
  • Turkish character set problems in directories and menues fixed
  • Digest authentication problem with Microsoft IIS server solved

Known Issues:

  • ...


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