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Release Date:

February 2019

What is new?

  • Empty values adding handsets using <oper> are ignored.
    • Example using placeholder <oper name="add_hs" value="0_00001" /> is allowed it must be 0_<5 digits value>
    • Example using IPUI number <oper name="add_hs" value="028bac19c8" /> is allowed
    • Example using empty value <oper name="add_hs" value="" /> is ignored
    • Other values are not allowed
  • XHTML service can be assigned to the INT key.


  • Added DST Root CA X3 certificate.
  • XHTML text can contain ü,ä,ö characters
  • PKI Root CA cannot be loaded
  • Auto-provisioning using HTTP digest and MAC-ID credentials.
  • Redirect server to XML file version 1.1 and 1.0 is improved.
  • ...

Known Issues

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