Gigaset-Teles certified devices can be configured automatically by the Teles auto-provisioning server. Below you can find a description how to configure the Gigaset devices and the Teles management platform to realize a zero touch configuration.

Architecture Overview


  1. Gigaset device will connect to Gigaset redirect server
  2. Gigaset redirect server will provide URL to Teles provisioning server
  3. Gigaset device will download configuration file


Login account for Gigaset redirect server can be obtained through your local technical sales.

Software versions

The following software versions were used during the testing by Gigaset pro

DeviceSoftware version
Gigaset N510 IP PRO & N30042.076
Gigaset N720 IP PRO68


Redirect to Teles platform

There are 3 possibilities that a device can connect to the Teles platform.

  1. Manual configuration of URL
  2. Usage of Gigaset redirect server
  3. Enter URL using DHCP option

Item 3 is not part of this document.

Manual configuration of Redirect URL

In the Gigaset device go to Settings - Management - Firmware Update

The field Data server you have to change from "" to the URL provided by Teles.


For security reasons, the real URL is not visible in the picture.


When you reboot the device, the device will download the configuration file.


Gigaset redirect server

if you have a login for the Gigaset redirect server, you can automatically let the device connect to the Teles provisioning server without any interaction of the customer. This is called zero-touch auto-provisioning.

First you need to know the MAC address and the ID of the device, this can be found on the packaging and in the web-interface of the device.


In the Gigaset device go to Status - Device, the field MAC-Id contains the MAC address and ID.






Login to the Gigaset redirect server and enter the data for your device.


MAC-ID: The MAC address of the device with the ID, see the above picture where to find in the Device configuration.

URL: The URL to the Teles platform. http://<PROVIDER URL>/gigaset/%MACD.xml

Provider: Give it a name you like.






Configuration Teles Platform


On the Teles Platform go to: Clients - IAD's and add your Gigaset device, select the Firmware you would like to use and the MAC address of your Gigaset device, this is the MAC address without ID.










Add users to the device.

The next step is to add the users to the device.







You are now ready to use Auto-provisioning. This device will connect automatically to the Teles platform and the correct settings will be downloaded.

The advantage of using the Gigaset redirect server is that also after a factory-reset of the device, the configuration will be downloaded automatically, using the manual configuration the URL needs to be entered manual.



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