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XML templates:

That the XML parameter files can be send directly to the phone without any transformation!

Alternativly it's possible to use binary files for the provisioning of a phone. Here a tool (Profile_Gen) has to be started before sending the configuration file to the phone. This tool is converting the XML configuration file to a binary format.

Plain XML example templates are available:

DeviceBasic TemplateFull Template
Gigaset N300(A) / N510 IP PROIP_DECT_Template.xmlIP_DECT_Full_Template.xml
Gigaset DE310 / DE410 IP PRODE310_410_Template.xmlDE310_410_Full_Template.xml
Gigaset DE700 / DE900 IP PRODE700_900_Template.xmlDE700_900_Full_Template.xml
Gigaset N720 PRO N720_Template.xml


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