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Known Camera (URL)

Testet door interphones




You can operate multiple door interphones using your telephone. If you receive a call from the door interphone, the display shows a picture or video from the connected video camera.

For configuration details see here



In the current software only jpg support is offered, this will be extended soon.


 In the web-interface go to: Settings - Services - Door Interphone

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NameName of the Door Interphone
SIP IDThe internal number of the Door Interphone, the device is recognised because of this field.
DTMF codeWhen answered, the Maxwell 10 provides a door opener button that you can press. The Maxwell will send the DTMF code that can be used by the door intercom to open the door via external contact..
Camera (URL)The URL to the jpg of the door intercom. Every .. msec this picture will be refreshed.
Reload rateEvery ... msec the JPG will be refreshed.
Door intercom
Door intercomKnown Camera (URL)
2Nhttp://<IP-address EntryCom IP>/enu/camera640x480.jpg
Protalkhttp://<IP-address Protalk>/video.jpg


Operating door interphones.

When receiving an incoming call from the door intercom, you will see the picture from the door intercom refreshed every ... msec (Reload rate)

When the call is answered, you will see the Picture from the door intercom in the screen again refreshed every .. msec.

When the door intercom also supports Video call/Jpeg, you can click on "VIDEO CALL" where the device then will setup a video/Jpeg stream between the door intercom and the Maxwell 10.


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