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Can I operate the N720 DECT IP multicell system in different subnets?

Subnets are often used to separate different (logical or spatial) segments within networks. The N720 DECT IP uses protocols and technologies, which are not supported in different subnets. This may be due to the switches being used or the protocol itself.

Satellite Control Protocol (SCP)
Das SCP wird für die Kommunikation zwischen dem The SCP is used for communication between the N720 DM (DECT Manager) und der and the N720 IP (Basisstationbase station) verwendet. Es wurden hierbei zahlreiche Mechanismen des DHCP-Protokolls wiederverwendet. Der N720 DM agiert hierbei als ein SCP-Server und die Basisstationen als SCP-Clients.
Dadurch, dass eine „common broadcast domain“ benötigt wird, kann SCP nicht zwischen unterschiedlichen Subnets oder Standorten verwendet werden, die mittels VPN miteinander verbunden sind. Dies wird durch das verwendete Protokoll und den Layern verursacht:
z.B. VPN verwendet (OSI-)Layer 3, die Broadcast-Domain jedoch Layer 2. Niedrigere Layer können ohne weiteres keine höheren Layer verwenden. Jedes Subnet benötigt hier einen separaten, autarken DECT Manager.. Numerous mechanisms of the DHCP protocol are reused in this. In this case, the N720 DM acts as an SCP server and the base stations as SCP clients.
Due to the fact that a "common broadcast domain" is needed, SCP cannot be used between different subnets or sites, which are interconnected by means of a VPN. This is due to the protocol being used and the layers:
e.g. VPN (OSI) is layer 3, the broadcast domain, however, is layer 2. Lower layers are not just able to use higher layers. In this instance, each subnet requires its own separate, independent DECT manager.


Broadcast message send by DECT Basestation:

SourceDestinationProtocolInfo port: 4712  Destination port: 4711


The moment you accepted the DECT Basestation the DECT Manager will respond with:


(IP DECT Manager)

DestinationProtocolInfo port: 4711  Destination port: 4712


DECT Manager will start DHCP procedure.

SourceDestinationProtocolInfo Discover - Transaction ID 0x43ab9d52





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