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About Broadsoft

As the leading global provider of Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) services to operators worldwide, BroadSoft helps deliver applications Enterprise customers demand.


BroadSoft simplifies the way organizations communicate and collaborate. Our unique and flexible UC-One app is a complete solution that delivers all the Unified Communication and Collaboration features companies want to boost satisfaction and worker productivity, and reduce costs.


BroadSoft brings constant innovation to the communications marketplace through our products, solutions and strategic initiatives like Broadsoft Labs, BroadSoft Marketplace and Xtended Developers Program.


BroadSoft accelerates the success of Service Providers Unified Communications and Collaboration offers providing comprehensive go-to-market and sales enablement tools, proven marketing campaigns and best practices for customer fulfillment.


See this page for a detailed feature description for all Gigaset device connected behind Broadsoft. Broadsoft step by step


 See below for a list with supported features when using the Gigaset IP devices behind the Broadsoft platform.


Broadsoft Interoperability

Test results overview


N720 DECT multi cell system

Maxwell 10

Maxwell 3/B

Device-SoftwareN510 Rel.238 - BroadWorks Rel.21.0/21.sp1
N510 Rel.51 - BroadWorks Rel. 17.SP3 
Official Broadsoft certification

Broadsoft certification Rel.238

Broadsoft certification Rel.51

Broadsoft certification N720 Rel.105

Broadsoft certification N720 Rel.34

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Broadsoft Partner Configuration GuideN510 Configuration GuidePartnerConfigGuide_Gigaset_N720.pdfPartner Config guidePartner Config guide
Broadsoft CPE
Test Plan PackageSupportedCommentsSupportedCommentsSupportedCommentsSupportedComments
 Call OriginationYes Yes Yes Yes 
Call TerminationYes Yes Yes Yes 
Session AuditYes Yes Yes Yes 
Session TimerNS No No YesOutgoing call
RingbackYes Yes Yes Yes 
Forked DialogYes Yes Yes Yes 
Early UPDATENo No Yes Yes 
Early-SessionNo No Yes Yes 
181 Call Being ForwardedYes Yes Yes Yes 
Dial PlanYes Yes Yes Yes 
DTMF – InbandYes NTSIP INFO containing DTMF is always sent.Yes Yes 
DTMF – RFC 2833Yes Yes Yes Yes 
DTMF – DTMF RelayYes Yes Yes Yes 
Codec NegotiationYes Yes Yes Yes 
Codec RenegotiationYes Yes Yes Yes 
BroadWorks Services
 Third-Party Call Control – BasicYes No Yes Yes 
Third-Party Call Control – AdvancedNS YesLimited to click-to-dial/answer.NS NS 
Voice Message Deposit/RetrievalYes Yes Yes Yes 
Message Waiting IndicatorYesNo support for message urgency.Yes Yes Yes 
Voice Portal OutcallYes Yes Yes Yes 
Advanced Alerting - RingingNS NS NS Yes 
Advanced Alerting - Call Waiting      NS 
Advanced Alerting - Ring Splash      Yes 
Advanced Alerting - Silent Alerting      NS 
Calling Line IDYes Yes Yes Yes 
Calling Line ID with Unicode Characters      Yes 
Connected Line IDNS YesBasic presentation and presentation after forward.Yes Yes 
Connected Line ID with Unicode Characters      Yes 
Connected Line ID on UPDATE      NS 
Connected Line ID on Re-INVITE      Yes 
Diversion HeaderYes Yes Yes Yes 
History-Info HeaderYes No Yes Yes 
Advice of ChargeNS No NS NS 
Meet-Me ConferencingYesNo support for AMR-WB (P1)Yes Yes Yes 
DUT Services – Call Control Services
 Call WaitingYes Yes Yes   
Call HoldYes Yes Yes   
Call TransferYesExcept blind transferYes YesExcept blind transfer  
Three-Way CallYesExcept before answer scenarioNo YesExcept before answer scenario  
Network-Based ConferenceNS No NS   
DUT Services – Registration and Authentication
 Register AuthenticationYes Yes Yes   
Maximum RegistrationYes Yes Yes   
Minimum RegistrationYes Yes Yes   
Invite AuthenticationYes Yes Yes   
Re-Invite/Update AuthenticationYes Yes Yes   
Refer AuthenticationYes No Yes   
Device Authenticating BroadWorksNS No NS   
DUT Services - FAX
  NA NA NA   
DUT Services – Miscellaneous
 Call Forward AlwaysYes Yes Yes   
Call Forward Always Diversion InhibitorNS No NS   
Anonymous CallNS Yes NS   
Anonymous Call BlockNS No Yes   
Remote Restart Via NotifyNS No NS   
Advanced Phone Services – Busy Lamp Field
  NS No Yes   
Advanced Phone Services – Feature Key Synchronization
 NS No NS   
Advanced Phone Services – Missed Calls Display Synchronization
 Missed Calls Display SyncNS Yes NS   
Advanced Phone Services – Shared Call Appearance using Call Info
 NS No NS   
Advanced Phone Services – Shared Call Appearance using Dialog Event
 NS No NS   
Advanced Phone Services – Call Center
 NS No NS   
Advanced Phone Services – Call Park Notification
 NS No NS   
 DNS SRV LookupYes Yes Yes   
Register Failover/FailbackYes No Yes   
Invite Failover/FailbackNS No NS   
Bye FailoverNS No NS   
 RegisterYes Yes Yes   
 Outgoing InviteYes Yes Yes   
 Incoming InviteYes Yes Yes   
Video – Basic Video Calls
 NS NA Yes   
Video – BroadWorks Video Services
 NS NA YesHD not supported  
 RegisterYes Yes Yes   
Outgoing InviteYes Yes Yes   
Incoming InviteYes Yes Yes