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The BroadWorks Xtended Service Platform (XSP) enables a variety of ancillary interfaces on BroadWorks. The primary interface exposed by the XSP is the Xtended Services Interface (Xsi) – which provides a rich set of Web 2.0 interfaces for integrating BroadWorks services with desktop clients as well as Internet based applications.

Feature is available for:

  • DE900/700 SW 02.00.11 or higher
  • DE410/310 SW 02.00.08 or higher

Supported features are:

  • Call forward Always
  • Call forward Busy
  • Call forward No Answer

Additional functionality is planned.


In the web-interface of the device go to: Settings - Server and Phone systems - Phone systems.

Select "Broadsoft" as Phone system


In the web-interface of the device go to: Settings - Telephony - Connections

Open the Connection you are using for Broadsoft:

Enter the information you have received from your provider.


You can also change the Password direct from the device if needed.


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