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The Patton SmartNode 4110 series offers several models with different port placement.
The three models "FXS-only" are tested for use with the Gigaset pro PBX systems. Zipfiles with device-specific reference configurations are shown below for download.
For the models with "FXS / FXO mixed configuration" no reference configuration is offered. We only offer a 2-port FXO reference configuration in this article.

If you're using a T300/500 with firmware 65.2 or higher, the FXS version of the Patton 411x can be autoprovisioned via one-touch-provisioning.

Gateway Update
If the Patton gateway is not getting online after successful device-search, it might be on a firmware <=Smartware 5.2 .
In this case, perform a manual firmware-update via the WebUI of the Patton gateway. You can use the IP-address, shown in the device-list of the PBX.
The default username is 'administrator', the password has to be left empty.
Under 'import/export' you can select the ZIP-file with the according firmware (download under topic "Firmware") and upload it to the device.
After successful update you have to restart (reload) the gateway via the WebUI.
When the device is up again, perform again a one-touch-provisioning via the PBX.
The device will reboot 2-times. After the 2nd reboot the device will come up with the VoIP-link and the lines are correctly registered.

Current recommended firmware version for use on Gigaset PBX systems is  Smartware R6.2 from 11.09.2012 . All models are supported with a single firmware.

Device Configuration

SmartNode 4112
  • Equipment: 2x FXS
  • Product Id: SN4112/JS/EUI
SmartNode 4114
  • Equipment: 4 x FXS
  • Product Id: SN4114/JS/EUI
SmartNode 4118
  • Equipment: 8 x FXS
  • Product Id: SN4118/JS/EUI