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FAQ Nx70 - Redundancy

This article explains how you can add redundancy in your DECT multi-cell system, it can be split in:

  • Base stations level 2 - 15
  • Base station level 1 (New in 2.29 or higher)
  • DECT manager (Planned)
  • Integrator 
titleBase stations level 2 - 15 redundancy

FAQ Nx70 - RedundancyThe N870 base-stations synchronised via DECT will automatically synchronize with a higher sync level. Base stations can and will skip a higher sync level if it can connect to an even higher sync level.

If you look at the picture, you can see that the base with level 3 will skip level 2, if level 1 can be seen with a good quality.

No redundancy:

The Base with level 3 can only see the base with level 2 and if the base with level 2 is down then also the level 3 base will be down. If more bases connect to this level 2 or 3 then also these bases will not be functional.

How to add redundancy:

To place the base stations more close to each other. In the example, the base with level 3 can see level 2 and level 1. 

  • Base with level 3 will automatically connect to level 1 if the quality is good enough
  • If Level 2 is down then level 3 will still work as it can also connect to level 1
  • The calls for the base with level 2 that is down will be handled by the level 1 and 3 (Capacity has to be calculated)  

When the system is using LAN synchronisation then all Bases will connect to the LAN Master which is the level 1 base (mostly), then the next chapter "Level 1 redundancy" must be used to add redundancy.

titleBase station level 1 redundancy

FAQ Nx70 - RedundancyIf the base station with level 1 is down then the complete DECT multi-cell system will be down and no calls are possible.

For this in software 2.29.0 or higher a new feature is implemented.

You can add an extra DECT base station and enable the option "Act as Sync Master redundancy"

FAQ Nx70 - Redundancy

This setting can be changed go to: SETTINGS - BASE stations - Administration and Edit the base - Act as Sync Master redundancy

When enabled:

  • DECT base will get sync level 2→1
  • DECT base can handle calls like every other base
  • If level 1 goes down, it will take over the role of level 1
    • DECT level 1
    • LAN Master if enabled
  • It will take 10 minutes before the device takes over the level 1 (Time can not be changed)
  • If level 1 comes back then it will be switched automatic to level 2→1 and will be the redundant base


If the level 1 is down, then for at least 10 minutes no calls are possible. After 10 minutes the redundant base will take over the level 1 role and the system will synchronize and handsets will connect. It will take some time before synchronization is ready and all handsets are connected again.


When the Integrator is installed on a VMware, the redundancy is done via the VMware and it is not an N870 feature.