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With releasing the Integrator for Large and Enterprise solutions, we also released the Licenses described below. The license page is only available in the web-interface of the Virtual Integrator and when the N870 has the role Integrator only.

The following Licenses are available.

  • N870 Virtual Integrator software License S30852-H2716-X1
  • N870 DECT Manager license S30852-H2716-X2

The Integrator is available in 2 versions.

  1. N870 in Integrator only mode (Up to 4 DECT Managers)
    1. For each DECT manager an N870 DECT Manager license is needed
  2. N870 Virtual Integrator software (Up to 100 DECT managers)
    1. One N870 Virtual Integrator software license is needed
    2. For each DECT manager an N870 DECT Manager license is needed

The License is based on the N870 hardware MAC address.

How to add a License.

  1. Define the Master DECT Manager (Only when using the N870 Virtual Integrator software)
  2. Download the


    “License Request


    File” from the N870 License page

  3. Buy a License using the license Request file
  4. Upload the new License

Grace period.

You can use the system without any license for 1 Month, after this:

  • All DECT handsets will show the message "Check License status"
  • License error message
    1. Send the “LRF”, the “License Order-Number” and the “Quantity” of required licenses to GC Order Management

    2. The “License Activation File”, received back from GC-OM must be uploaded on the N870 License page to activate the requested licenses.

      Note: Only when using the N870 Virtual Integrator software a Master DECT Manager must be defined first!Image Added

    Grace period meaning and consequences

    The N870 has a grace period build in.

    • An installation can be tested for 35 days without any limitation and any purchased license

    a. After first startup

    b. After each full factory reset

    • After 35 days the message "Check License status“ will be shown on all installed DECT handset, for additional 35 days (day 36 – 70 after first startup/factory reset)
    • Also a license error message will be shown in the N870 web-interface.
    • The But, the system will stay fully functional.
    • After a total number of 70 days after first startup/factory reset , the system can be used again for 1 Month without any license.

    When you do not add a valid license then after an additional 1 Month:

    • The number of parallel calls will be reduced to 1 call per connected DECT manager, unless a valid license file will be uploaded into the N870

    Image Added


    If the license is not valid anymore due to:

    • Master DECT manager is broken and is replaced, therefore the license is not valid anymore.

    You will have 1 Month to request a new License file, see the grace period.


    Today, the license file procedure is a manual procedure. The online process is under development.

    titleMaster DECT manager

    Only needed when the Virtual Integrator is used.

    As the license is based on the N870 MAC address and the Virtual Integrator is not an N870 device, you need to define the Master DECT manager.

    In the Integrator web-interface go to SETTINGS - DECT manager - Administration - Global settings

    Select the Master DECT Manager.


    The Master DECT manager need to be installed, connected and working as the real MAC address of this device is retrieved.

    titleDownload the License file

    To request a new License, you first need to download the request file from the device. 

    The request file contains basic information about the system like:

    • Hardware information (MAC address of Master DECT manager)
    • Software version
    • Number of connected DECT managers / Base stations / handsets
    • Enabled licenses
    • Country selection
    • Data and time
    • Provider / profile name

    The file content is encrypted.

    In the Integrator web-interface go to SETTINGS - System - Licensing - Create Request File

    The License request file is downloaded.

    (Screenshot is from an N870 switched to Integrator only mode)

    titleBuy a License using the license file

    To request a new license you need to add this file to your purchase order.

    You will receive from Gigaset a License file.

    titleUpload the new License

    In the Integrator web-interface go to SETTINGS - System - Licensing - Licence - Browse 

    Select the License file you received from Gigaset.

    Click Upload

    Your license is now enabled.