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From SW version: 2.52N870 VI

Valid for:





Embedded Integrator

Virtual Integrator


In the web-interface go to: STATUS - Statistics - Diagnostics

For diagnostic purposes you can create a dump with different contents. A dump may help software developers and system administrators to diagnose, identify and resolve problems that led to system failures.

  • Core dump: Kernel memory dump. It contains the content of the system kernel memory.
  • Ram dump: Complete memory dump. It contains the full system memory content.
  • Last incident sysdump: Dump of the last incident. Contains only the system memory part that represents the last incident.
  • Save settings:
    • Device settings without customer sensitive information (No passwords or other sensitive data)
    • DECT statistics (Base station statistics)
    • HsStat.json (handset statistics)
    • DECT RSSI table
    • Software version
    • Which sockets are connected and which sockets are listening (netstat)
    • Running processes as a tree (pstree)
    • Crontab information
    • Network configuration (ifconfig)
    • resolv.conf content (dns)
    • List Of Open File (lsof)
    • Information related with the processes on a system (ps)
    • LAN interface information
    • Free disc space of a specific file system (df)
    • The number of blocks used for files (du)
    • /tmp directory content
    • Software update history
    • Latest syslog output (Limited size to not use to much memory)
    • pmap:  lets you see the memory map of one or more than one processes
    • User changes (List with all changes made via the web-interface)

Mark the check mark next to the dump type you want to create. If no type is selected, a RAM dump is created.

Click on Download Select the location where the dump file should be stored using the system file selection dialogue. Enter a name for the dump file. The file is stored as tar archive and is encrypted for security and privacy reasons.

If this procedure fails or you want to do this via CLI, read this wiki article: FAQ Nx70 - Sysdump via CLI