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titleDownload the License file

The download of the license request file to order a License is not needed anymore. You can copy the MAC-ID from the STATUS page (12 digits MAC address + 4 digits) and add this to the purchase order.

To request a new License, you first need to download the request file from the device. Image Removed

The request file contains basic information about the system like:

  • Hardware information (MAC address of Master DECT manager)
  • Software version
  • Number of connected DECT managers / Base stations / handsets
  • Enabled licenses
  • Country selection
  • Data and time
  • Provider / profile name

The file content is encrypted.

In the Integrator web-interface go to SETTINGS - System - Licensing - Create Request File

The License request file is downloaded.

(Screenshot is from an N870 switched to Integrator only mode)

From software 2.44.0 we removed the button "Create Request File" from the web-interface.