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You can connect a fax machine to the FAX port on the DX600 and DX800. To use the fax machine, you must activate the FAX port.

The FAX port is deactivated by default.

When you activate the FAX port, it is regarded as registered. The internal number 8 is assigned to the connected fax machine. INT 8 is displayed in the list of internal parties (even if there is not a fax machine connected).

The Fax port can only be enabled using the settings menu in the phone, it can not be done through the WEB interface.

Go to: Settings – System – FAX Port

Press the display key “Change” to activate/deactivate the FAX port.


The FAX port can not be used to make internal calls, in Q2 2011 there will be a new SW release that will have the following changes for the FAX port.

  •     Internal calls can be made from the FAX port
  •     Support for Analogue Door intercom
  •     Continuous Dial tone


titleContinuous Dial tone

There is a workaround available to change the Dial tone of the analogue fax port to a continuous Dial tone. This is sometimes needed when a Fax does not recognise the standard Dial tone.

Another option is to disable the Dial tone detection in the Fax, but not all fax devices have this possibility. To do this, just download this file. It contains a configuration file that only changes the Dial tone, other settings are not influenced.

There is a second config in the file to change it back to the default Dial tone.