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service tomcat5 restart

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Check if the codec is available.

Command-line Example:


How to add the G.729 codec

The Gigaset T300 / T500 does not have the codec G729 default on the PBX. This codec needs to be added manually.

First you need to get a license for this codec, the licence can be bought at your Distributor.

Internet access is required from your Gigaset T300/T500 in order to register your G729 key for licensed use. Outgoing network traffic to TCP port 443 (SSL) must be allowed in order for the register utility to successfully communicate with Digium's license server and complete the registration process.

Download the APP that contains the software

Follow the instructions below to download and install the G.729 Software Codec for the Gigaset T300/T500.

Download the free APP “G729” and activate the APP.



After you added the APP, disable and than enable it again, this will start the file copy procedure.


Start the Registration

Make a secure SSH connection to the PBX and login as ROOT user.

Run the register script utility and follow the interactive instructions. The registration utility will prompt you for your G.729 license key.

Command-line Example:

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Go to the commandline via SSH and execute

[root@GigasetT500 ~]#./


Select: 1 - Digium Products

Select: 5 - G.729 Codec

Enter your registration key you purchased

After a successful registration, you need to enter the customer information.

Restart Tomcat

Restart the Tomcat service to activate your changes.

Command-line Example:

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asterisk -rvvv


Command-line Example:

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g729 show licenses

If the codec is not available, normally you can solve this doing a restart of the PBX.


In the example above, you can see 1 * 6 channels and 1 * 2 channels. It also shows that we first did a registration for 2 channels and later a registration for 6 channels. It is always possible to add more channels later.

The Gigaset T300 / T500 is now ready to be used.



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