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Sirrix ISDN cards

You can make an ISDN D-channel trace on the T300 / T500 using the tool SFDCH.jar

For creating the trace do the following:

  1.     Make an SSH connection to the PBX and login as root.
  2.     On the command line, start the trace using the command: dchmon
  3.     Do your test-calls
  4.     For stopping the D-channel trace, simply hit CTRL-C
  5.     Select the output and copy this in the tool SFDCH tool

Click on decode to analyse the trace.


The following picture shows you how the physical lines can be matched to the numbers that are shown in the D-channel-Analyzer .


Status ISDN line 

Point to MultiPoint line: at this moment the line is used to make phone calls.
Point to Point line: line is idle or the line is used to make phone calls.


Point to Multipoint line: the line is idle, no calls are active, ISDN synchronisation is disabled.


Not configured
The line is not configured.





 Digium ISDN cards

With the digium ISDN cards the tracing is different than the tracing at the Sirrix cards.

You have to connect via SSH to the linux console of your T300/500 and connect to the asterisk system.

asterisk -rvvv

To check the available spans, enter following command:

pri show spans

To start now a debug session enter following command:

pri debug span xx

Where xx is the number from the the previous 'show spans'-command.

when you have analyzed the session, you can deactivate the debug again:

pri no debug span xx