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Release Date:

  • February 2023

What is new?


  • Alarming, Messaging and Location
  • Extend CLIP/COLP possibilities with PAI(tel)
    • FROM
    • PPI + FROM
    • PAI(sip )+ PPI + FROM
    • PAI(tel) + PPI + FROM
    • PAI(tel) + FROM + PAI(sip)
  • Syslog:
    • TLS protocol can be configured via web-interface and not only via auto-provisioning
  • DECT registration window
    • Close the DECT registration window on all DMs, if last handset has moved from in-Registration to Registered
  • Support:
  • Consultation-Softkey (to put call on hold and start consultation call) should not disappear in passive hold
  • Central Phonebook
    • Do not show empty entries
    • Download via https
  • Security
    • Disable unsecure TLS1.1
  • License:
    • 'Please activate license' after restore settings with an active license to another VI
    • Failover Period Active is shown in web-interface
  • CNIP with special characters is displayed incorrectly on consultation call display
  • Provisioning:
    • Templates with more handsets then supported should not give error
    • encrypted provisioning file support
  • Web-interface
    • Status of last Automatic backup
  • CCBS - Ringback via 486 Busy like in N720
  • SIP re-registration expected at ..% of expire timer
  • Reboot via SIP NOTIFY Event: check-sync;reboot=true
  •  Option for priority of SIP name over net/central-dir-autolookup
  • ***922 test tone gone after handover
  • CCBS and CCNR should by config-option be made available for SIP servers indicating ccbs/ccnr support by different measures
  • TTL time can be adjusted to 128
  • Send DTMF tone during call waiting signaling
  • Status of last Automatic backup listed in WebUI
  • Name in XSI phonebook is not displayed properly in incoming calls
  • SIP account does not register after employee change
  • N870 behind IBERNEX "nurse call" system - CLIP/CNIP is not displayed in incoming calls, "External" instead
  • DNS SRV/A queries - TTL not applied
  • Device cannot start an upgrade/downgrade process if there is an active call
  • Busy display - removing useless softkey "Options" as it does nothing at "Busy" display


  • If Registrar/Proxy is given by FQDN, Failover-Server function does not work
  • Sporadic no audio when using TLS and SRTP in a multicell environment
  • LAN synchronisation
    • ptp reload and so asynchrony triggered by too sensitive check for DHCP changes
  • N670 auto-answer call info after=0, also if Call Manager set to NO!
  • RFC2833 DTMF doesn't work
  • Name in XSI phonebook is not displayed properly in incoming calls
  • N870 after some weeks stop sip registration
  • Enabling/Disabling VLAN via provisioning makes the LAN interface go down
  • RPID info in UPDATE is not displayed on handset after attended transfer
  • INVITE with replaces header is not answered with 200OK 
  • LDAP
    • LDAP client is not able to properly close the session when there are some errors during parsing of the LDAP filters configured for LDAP requests
    • Validate syntax for filters

Known Issues

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