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This module will give you the possibility to prevent some users of your T300/500 PBX system to dial certain numbers (e.g. in Germany 0900-numbers which can cost up to several € per minute...).

In order to enable this function you have to perform following points before configuring the module itself:

  1. Create a group and enter those users which shouldn't be able to dial the numbers
  2. Import the module into your module-library
  3. Create an instance of the module and start the configuration



Add Group:

Create a group for the blocked-users.

Just press Apply and then add the users directly to this group.

The assigned number is irrelevant.

Import Module:

Add the module to the module-library with the import-dialogue.


Just give the module a proper name.

E.g. you can add the group-name of the users to the name also here.



Number configuration:

Internal Calls? When the users only should be able to make internal calls, please activate this checkbox.

This can be useful for users which are reachable from the outside with an individual number, but are not allowed to dial outside.

Disallow number pattern? Add here the  numbers which should be blocked. Have alook also to the info-button. There you also have a full description of the configuration possibilities.


Group configuration:

Call groups?: Select here your previous defined group. You can add later on additional users if necessary. Only one group is allowed with one module, but you can add multiple modules for different groups.



Wave-File?: Use this dialogue to upload your personal announcement to the system. Users which are not allowed to dial a certain-number will hear this announcement. The call will then hung-up by the module automatically. You can use the Memo-to-Me module to create own announcements very easily. 




Download the module V.22