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Release Date:

November 2014




Because of improvements in the software like adaptive jitter buffer and other new features we strongly advise to factory reset the device after the upgrade.

What is new?


  • Improved DNS handling in case of bad DNS service.
  • Do not show name. date and time on the display when receiving SIP messages, only show the content.    
  • Usage of hyphen in BLF should be possible        
  • TELES: Handling of XCID parameter   
  • HTTP digest username and password via phone keypad.            


  • Map section is always shown even if localization is unknown

  • Attended transfer fails very often.

  • Uploaded Menu.xml causes reboot

  • SRTP parameter is not set after provisioning (you have to save web ui page manually)

  • Robot voice with latest software versions

  • SRTP and TLS - no outgoing RTP packets

  • Incoming call behind Gigaset T300/T500 not possible incoming invite is answered with "BAD request".
  • Dutch Translation.
  • CALL-ID should be changed because of SIP ALG routers.
  • XML code on BLF key via provisioning 64 characters.
  • Robot voice.
  • In case of Static IP address, speech path is distorted.
  • Provider TELES: Reboot occurs if own number dialled
  • Stability improvements.
  • [Provisioning] B_UNATTENDED_XFER does not work.
  • DExxx rejects INVITE
  • B_AUTOMATIC_DTMF_(N) does not work when downloading profile from country list.
  • Wrong default setting MWI 
  • INVITE problem with a terminating application.
  • No reaction to the 407 Proxy Authentication Required on sending REFER
  • Quoted Display Name must allow comma sign.                                
  • Transferor reboots after performing "consultation transfer before answer".    
  • Not possible to make call from telephone book after upgrade.
  • LDAP - empty entry (no phone numbers) - device will reboot.
  • One way audio with ZTE IMS Core platform.
  • [Alarm] If we pick up the handset when alarm clock is ringing and then press “OFF” nothing will happen (alarm will be ringing).
  • If PAI available Diversion User Part is not displayed.
  • LDAP: wrong timezone is displayed when viewing LDAP entry
  • Provisioning: Certain Parameter not adopted in combination with Extended_Profile.

Known Issues

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