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  • Gigaset T300/T500 version or higher
  • Gigaset N510 BL75 or higher
  • Gigaset N720 BL68 or higher
  • Gigaset PRO handset (SL610H PRO, S510H PRO, R410H PRO)


PRO Handsets do now support the Gigaset T300/T500 PBX Manager which allows perfect control of the most important PBX Settings needed in daily office life.

  • With Identity you can easily login or logout as a user.
  • The PBX Call lists show you the "real" lists of your account instead of the local list which can differ from the PBX centralized list. Now all lists are centrally managed on the PBX and shared with your Desktop phone, iPhone, DECT phone and PBX Manager.
  • Now you can also switch on/off your DND status directly from your DECT phone. This is not only the local status of your DECT phone but of your whole account.
  • With the Feature Display Number you can easily switch the outgoing number or set it to anonymous via a menu.
  • Logging you on/off a group can be done now menu driven directly on the DECT phone.
  • The Visual Voicemail is now also available on DECT Phones. The voicemail is no longer a voice driven menu, but a convenient list that shows you who has called you and when.
  • Also the centralized PBX directy can be accessed through this PBX Manager

All those features are only available for Gigaset pro Handset and not for retail Handset


In many offices these days there are flex-places. This means sharing a desk and a phone amongst others. With ‘Identity’ you can easily login and logout the handset. After login, the phone supports your settings, after logout, it’s in standard mode again.

Call list

A phone call is personal, also the information connected to it. By using the PBX Control, call lists are becoming device independent, but remain personal. This means when using more than one device – eg. cordless and desktop phone - for making phone calls, call lists become available every time, device independent.


Sometimes you do not want to be disturbed. DND stands for Do-not-Disturb and will help in such circumstances. By activating this option, the caller will receive a busy-signal. The caller ID will not be stored in the cal list.


A step further that DND is redirection. This feature directs the incoming call to either an internal, external or mobile number. Besides this, it’s also possible to direct it to your voice-mail or as a sound-file to your email account.

Display number

When you are in a home office, or in an office using multiple lines, a line selection can be a desired option. By selecting the telephone line via the menu, you can distinguish from eg a private call via the home number, or a business call via the business number. Automatically cost will be charged to the right account. Also by sending the number info to the receiver, they can identify you by the number displayed.

Group Management

In some situations, an individual is joining a call group, like the group “sales”. This means if sales is being contacted, all phones from the members of the sales group will ring. Group Management manages your application to a group. As a user, you can switch it of or on. This is a desired feature when you jointed a meeting or went for lunch. No call coming through.

Visual Voicemail

When using the voice-mail of your mobile or fixed line operator, you have to dial their voice-mail number. Visual information about the caller or stored call does not apply. With Visual Voicemail, you can see on the screen of the handset who called, when, duration and other info. Then by pressing playback you can hear the stored voicemail. A voicemail is always stored in the PBX and sent to your email for personal archive.


One of the advantages of centralized phonebooks is having the phonebook data always up to date and available on all your personal connected devices. Updated or new contacts will be available on all devices managed centrally by you. Besides this, it’s possible to have more than one phonebook in all devices. Useful when private and business go hand in hand for example.


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