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Provisioning URL through DHCP option 114 or manual.

In this example, we use a Gigaset IP DECT device with Baseline 75 or higher. The Provisioning server URL is entered through DHCP option 114 or entered manual in the web-interface of the device.

In the web-interface of the device:

Settings -> Management -> Firmware update -> Data server.

Enter here the provisioning server URL.


URL = <xyz>/device

File structure.

On the Provisioning server in the /device directory there is the following directory structure.

DirectorySub directory


Gigaset C610 IP/N300

Gigaset N510 IP PRO

/2master.binContains all info about firmware files, language files and siu files for this device

All web-interface languages

version.binOptional file that contains the coded date and time. This information can be used to check if it is necessary to replace a possibly outdated file in the device.


02 = German, 09 = French, 10 = Netherlands, 07 = Italian, 04 = Spanish, 20 = Portuguese, 17 = Polish, 01 is optional, can contain English language if needed. But this language is already implemented in the device and is the only language that is fixed in the device.

Online helpfiles

Contains all info about software version


Containing bin files to redirect to configuration files

Contains info about the location of the config files and the naming used.


Containing the plain xml configuration files

Files can be generated using the online configuration tool.

Communication Flow.

When the device connects to the provisioning server, the communication flow is like this.

siu files

The siu files contains all information about the:

  • Location of the config files
  • Naming of the config files.

These are bin files but you can see the information in the file when open it with for example notepad++

Example: http://%DURL/xml/%MACD.xml


Format specifiers:








Device Data Server URL: Example: <xyz>/device

Device ID, composed by build variant and provisioning ID. Example: 42/2

MAC with colons. Example: .00:01:E3:12:34:56.

MAC without colons. Example: .0001E3123456.

To represent the percent character.


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