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The T640/T440 has an integrated fax server that can be used for receiving incoming fax en send outgoing fax.

Incoming fax is converted to a pdf file.



T38 FAX protocol is needed to provide a reliable FAX transmission. Please check if your provider supports T.38



Go to: Administration - System - Fax

Enable the Fax service.

Fax prefix incoming: Defines the numbering of the users fax internal numbers: Example: User 206 has fax number 9206. With the incoming routing rules, the external numbers can be forwarded to the internal fax numbers.

A Transmitting Subscriber Identification (abbreviated TSI) is a number that identifies a specific fax machine as the sender of a fax transmission. The transmitting machine sends its TSI to the receiving machine. The receiving machine typically prints the TSI at the top or bottom of the received fax to help the recipient determine the fax's origin.

TSI prefix (outgoing): Define the TSI for the users fax numbers, the system will add the internal fax number of the user.

Additional TSI's: Define the global TSI for the system, when selected this number will not be changed, like with the TSI prefix (outgoing)


Send fax

The user can send a fax via the user web-interface and using an pdf file. Only pdf files can be send and other document types have to be converted to pdf first.


Transmitting subscriber ID: Select the TSI that is send to the receiving machine. You can choose from your own TSI or from the Additional TSI. You see that you own TSI is compiled from:
TSI prefix (outgoing) + own number

Recipient fax number: The Fax number where to send the fax.

File: The pdf file

Resolution: The required fax resolution.



The TSI should only contain numbers, if it contains characters then the system will not send out the fax.


Overview of all pending fax transmissions.


Overview of all received fax transmissions.

Click on View to open the PDF


Overview of all finished fax transmissions.


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