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If your phone has function keys, you can allocate them via the user interface.

The administrator can pre-allocate function keys for your user account and, if necessary, also lock them against another allocation. This pre-allocation is displayed when the function key is activated and the function type - inherit - is selected. If a function key is locked, this is indicated in the Locked column and the line is greyed out.

  • Menu 
  • User Settings 
  • Keys


  • Select your phone from the list next to Choose device
  • Click on Show . . . All function keys of the device type, including the possible extension modules, are listed.
  • Enable the function key allocation for a key (PK1 - PKn) via the ON/OFF button Select the function type from the list:
- inherit -Take over the allocation from the administrator settings
External callDial an external phone number Enter the phone number in the Number/Data field

Dial an extension Enter the extension number in the Number/Data field

If set up and activated by the administrator, this key also provides the busy line field (BLF) function.
In this case the key will flash, if the corresponding extension is busy.

Group pickupPick up the call for users who belong to the same call pickup group
IntercomDial the extension of the intercom Enter the extension number in the Number/Data field
Wake up callThe wake-up call can be controlled via function key according to the settings of the function.
  • Enter a description in the Label field for each allocated key.
  • Save . . . The key allocation is transferred to the phone.



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