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This module will enable you to change the auto-provisioning of the Gigaset DE devices and even to change some Database settings.




Add the module to the Gigaset T300_T500 and give the module a name.


To enable the settings you need to follow the procedure below:

  • Change the settings using this module and press save
  • Disable the module
  • Enable the module, the settings are written in the Database and the auto-provisioning files are changed.
  • Restart the services of the T300/T500 to activate the new settings.
  • The devices will reboot and will use the new auto-provisioning settings.


VoIP settings:

Phone system:

  • Gigaset T300/T500 to have the best integration with the Gigaset T300/T500 like feature sync and PBX manager
  • Standard or Asterisk to use the device functionality instead of the PBX functionality.

Voicemailbox number, for the Gigaset T300/T500 you can use pbxvm or *9

Enable or disable the voicemail box


Device settings:

Phonebook key

  • T300/T500 to use the phonebook of the T300/T500
  • Local Phonebook to use the phonebook in the device
  • KlickTel, specially for Germany.

Remove international code number.

When dialing outside using a 0, there can be an issue dialing area codes that are the same as the country code. Here you can disable the local setting of the device so that number replacement is not done.


Here you can change the SIP registration timer towards the provider, sometimes the default time of 600 seconds should be decreased to solve NAT issues.


Back to default:

Option to use the default provisioning settings. The changed files are removed and replaced with a copy of the original files.





Download the module V1.1 rel 91