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  • Select Yes to enable the display key to be used to capture a screenshot.
  • Click on Save to save your settings.

If the function is disabled, pressing the display key will turn the display on/off.

System log

You can define that specific events are to be logged on an external syslog server. This information may be useful in the event of problems involving service personnel or Customer Care.

Settings -> System -> System Log

  • Enter the IP address and the Server port of the syslog server.
  • Click on Activate syslog to activate logging.

The events are logged with the date, time and message.

Set filter for system log

  • Define the events you want to be logged:Click on Save to save your settings.
    • System processes, e.g. system start, assigning an IP address etc.
    • SIP events, e.g. connection requests, connection establishment.
    • Phone application, e.g. incoming calls, new entry in call log app.
    • Provisioning application
    • All events