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There are different Methods to provide the CLIP information to a SIP device. And to change the CLIP information on the handset when transferring the call, so that the external number of the transferee is shown instead of the internal number of the colleague transferring the call.


The platform sends a SIP update Message that contains information about the CLIP.

The Gigaset N720 had by default the SIP update Message disabled, from software 98 it is enabled by default and to activate:

  • Only after factory reset and new configuration this parameter will be enabled.
  • Restore this config file and only this parameter will be enabled, all other settings will stay the same.
  • Via provisioning change this parameter:

Software 99 or higher will contain an additional fix, the clip update was only forwarded if also a codec change was done. It is changed that a codec change is not needed anymore.

Platforms supporting CLIP update via SIP UPDATE message

  • Hybird 120
  • Starface
  • Gigaset T300/T500
  • Swyx

Info: When using SIP UPDATE, the CLIP source in an UPDATE message will always have the p-asserted as Prio1. Configurable priority list for CLIP source is only used for INVITE transactions.


The platform sends a re-invite Message to change the CLIP information.

Here we will make an improvement, that will be available in the N720 BL100 or higher.

The N720 changes the CLIP information when receiving a re-invite message that also contains a media change. As a re-invite is also used to only change the CLIP and not changing the media we will improve the behavior of the device to support this.

Platforms supporting CLIP update via Re-invite message

  • Gigaset T640 / T440
  • Unify
  • Innovaphone

(No) CLIP update when using un-attended transfer

In the following situation, the CLIP will be updated after answer and not when transferred.

  1. Answer Call on N720 handset.
  2. Put Call on-hold.
  3. Dial other N720 handset.
  4. Transfer the call by disconnecting the call.
  5. On the Calling handset the internal number of the first handset still will be shown.
  6. When you answer the call, the CLIP will be updated.

Explanation of the above behavior.

The N720 (and N510) has the Semi-attended transfer protocol implemented. Then means that in the above situation (4), the device has still one call-leg open to the Incoming call, a second call-leg is opened to the other handset and only after answer (6), the refer is send and the CLIP is refreshed by the platform.

CLIP source

It is possible to change the priority of the CLIP source (Only for INVITE and re-INVITE messages), when available, the CLIP source with the highest priority will be used by the device.

This can be done via:

  • Special config file (*.cfg)
  • Provisioning (*.xml)

Priority is from right to left.


1=from header for CLIP source
2=to header for COLP source
3=replay-to header for CLIP source
4=p-asserted-identity with tel-URI for CLIP/COLP source
5=p-asserted-identity with sip-URI for CLIP/COLP source

Default value for Provider 0 -9 is < SW version 105:




Default value for Provider 0 -9 >= SW version 105:

- BS_VOIP_Data.astVoipProviders[%].ulSIP_CLIP_SOURCES=0x00000145 >>> is the best setting for Gigaset T500/T300 or Starface. (New settings for N720 software >= 105)
- BS_VOIP_Data.astVoipProviders[%].ulSIP_CLIP_SOURCES=0x00000145 >>> is the best setting for all other PBX systems.

1) Does N510/N720 have a prioritization in phone number displaying on the handset, while receiving the call?
2) Is RPID header supported (REMOTE-PARTY-ID)?

1) You can use below options to change behavior of CLIP in case of incoming call:
** from header for CLIP source
** to header for COLP source
** reply-to header for CLIP source
** p-asserted-identity with tel-URI for CLIP/COLP source
** p-asserted-identity with sip-URI for CLIP/COLP source

2) No, RPID (REMOTE-PARTY-ID) headeris header is not supported


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