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Software 76.02
Wrong number is using during automatic redial
SUOTA improvements
Quicksync call per Bluetooth headset
Software 74
Line info does not occur in Call lists
Swiss Provider changes
Copy to Base Directory - New Entry is trippled
Speech-path not loud enough
Routes audio to handset and not headset when BT is connected
Base connection - "no base" delay
No voice output when trying to listen to messages on AM
CAT-iq improvements
No possible to set 'Call lists' on Left Soft Key
PIN protected key lock
[Redial List]Entry is cloned after made outgoing call
Muted incoming call
Right soft key (Save) does not react during changing volume
SUOTA improvement
Many other minor improvements
Software 63
Display Softkey is now "R" key to put Call on Hold.

Various bugfixes, amongst others, in following sections:

  • CLIP Picture and VIP melody
  • CAT-iq
  • Interoperability with Deutsche Telekom Speedport Hybrid and Type C
  • Bluetooth pairing
Software 60
Change default ringer melody 
Gigaset Animation is not played when key-lock active and HS put in charger 
Appointment signal is changed for all appointments, not individually.
SUOTA improvements
Software 59
Accept call waiting solved
Local Call list for GAP mode
Implementation for CAT-iq 2.0 protocol
First implementation of SW update over the Air (SUOTA) (Has to be supported by DECT base)
List of anniversaries problem when number of anniversaries is greater than 255
If Handset is used in Handsfree-Mode, HF-Profil 4 should be initialized, if it's inserted into the charger