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Release date:

January February 2016





The Media-gateway will be updated with new firmware (Improved fax support). This means when the update is started, the Media-gateway will reboot 3 times after the update is ready. The update of the Media Gateway takes ca. 15 minutes.

! ! ! A system reboot is necessary when the IP-phones can't register to the PBX system ! ! !

New Gigaset DE900/700/410/310 02.01.00 software is delivered with this software. To avoid upgrade errors during the reboot of the Media-gateway, the automatic device firmware update will be disabled.

You have to enable this after system is up and running via the menu  System Settings - Provisioning


What's new:


  • New Gigaset DE900/700/410/310 02.01.00 software is delivered with this upgrade. (DE-phone update has to be enabled manually after update via the menu  System Settings - Provisioning)
  • Play notification tone before manual recording of calls.
  • Call waiting enabled by default when adding a new user.
  • New feature formatting of display name has no influence anymore on incoming phone number. Incoming call will be displayed always with full name.
  • Add support for Turkish language  
  • Sound level recordings improved. 
  • Set BRI DL ALWAYS UP Q.931 flag for VN6 lines
  • Loading of phone book contacts/ call lists/ CDRs takes too long. Added multiple pages for contacts and call-lists.
  • Extension monitor should have additional sorting criteria. 
  • Media gateway syslog server must be in the ip-address range
  • Fromuser and fromdomain are now shown in the sip.conf preview.
  • Possibility to search in Contacts also using company name 


  • Extension with same number as hunt group did not ring. 

  • Inbound missed calls are not registered correctly at the Voicemail list.
  • Media-gateway new firmware to improve FAX transmission. MGW firmware version 6.60A.304.001
  • Recording announcement, wrong language.
  • Web-interface translation update.
  • PHP warnings removed.
  • Special characters break SIP password in preview of peer in sip.conf.
  • In a Hunt Group: Forwarding to another group or to a voice mail box.

Known Issues:

  • The AstButtonDaemon service stops after ca.30 minutes. This will affect the Extension/Queue Monitor, Display push-messages and partly the BLF functionality. A workaround is available here.
  • Hunt Group: Call forward on no answer is not working.


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