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Web Configurator: Change default selection "Call transfer by onhook" to yes

  • Web Configurator: Russia now completely translated

  • on

    main (version to be defined!)
  • Use LDAP address book

    -hook" to yes

  • Directories: 
    • Now Use LDAP address book also during active call (for transfer purposes).
  • [Music On Hold] Music is not audible
    • Refine search when using private phone-book fixed.
    • Character set problems fixed with Gigaset T440/T640 PBX's
  • TR069: Various corrections, enhancements 

  • Secure provisioning error fixed

  • Music on hold is now audible also after making 3rd Call Swap.

  • 6 TLS: 
    • 23 new certificates added, also new root- and intermediate certificates from
    • Switch to select between TLS v1.0 and TLS v1.1
    • Switch which to select which cipher suite is to be used:
      • RSA_WITH_RC4_128_MD5
      • RSA_WITH_RC4_128_SHA
  • Russia: various bugfixes and improvements

  • Known Issues:

    • ...

    How to update:

    Via the webpage:

    1. Download the software and store this on your own accessible http server.
    2. In the web-interface of the N510: Go to: Settings  » Management  » Firmware update
    3. Enter the URL for the new firmware in the User defined firmware file: field
    4. Click on the button: Update firmware


    Automatic (Online)

    Change the Data server to:

    Then if you press the Update firmware button the device should automatic find the Firmware:


    Release date:

    • acc test v.236 in cw 12

    • error corrections and integration of missing translations in cw 13

    • generation of v.237 in cw 14

    • acceptance test of v.237 and PT Sync in cw 15

    • M3SW in cw 16

    Improvements & BugFixes

    Improvements & Bugfixes

    • Handset: Software Update over the air for handsets S650H PRO (min BL60), SL750H PRO (min BL61), R650H PRO
    • Handset: Full support of new R650H PRO handset
    • Distinctive Ring: Distinguish internal/external PBX numbers by ringtone on handset via alert info. (Group and Door are not supported)
    • CLIP/COLP update after call transfer
    • Web Configurator: Turkish, Czech language added

    • When upgrading, some parameters are no longer set back to default.



    TKeySummaryPFix Version/s
    BugImage RemovedMER-1346

    Suspecting warning is shown when external call is not possible

    3 - MajorImage Removed 
    Action ItemImage RemovedMER-1345

    O²: Set Czech language as default in VDM

    4 - NeutralImage Removed
    BugImage RemovedMER-1324

    [ACC][AM][Mercur] Line selection + AM: press Dial - call is not possible

    3 - MajorImage Removed 
    BugImage RemovedMER-1323

    [ACC][Online Directory] Name on 'city' history list is replaced by 'ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ...'

    3 - MajorImage Removed 
    New FeatureImage RemovedMER-1318

    Verify if a merge is needed from Einstein EIN-1165

    3 - MajorImage Removed 
    BugImage RemovedMER-1315

    CLONE - SMS behind GO-Box 100 is cutted

    3 - MajorImage Removed 
    TaskImage RemovedMER-1313

    [O2] Check if WebUI suits all needs of O2

    3 - MajorImage Removed 
    TaskImage RemovedMER-1311

    [O2][TR-060]ACS/ConnReq username style

    4 - NeutralImage Removed 
    Action ItemImage RemovedMER-1310

    "Web labeling = AICS_VARIANT_NETIA"-references in AICS and AI69 component with no O2 equivalent

    4 - NeutralImage Removed 
    Action ItemImage RemovedMER-1304

    check if it is possible to hide email in MWI selection in Web-UI

    4 - NeutralImage Removed 
    Action ItemImage RemovedMER-1303

    check if it possible to hide “Automatic check for profile update” in WEB UI via NVM

    4 - NeutralImage Removed 
    Action ItemImage RemovedMER-1302

    check if it is already possible to hide call manager in WEB UI via NVM

    3 - MajorImage Removed 
    Action ItemImage RemovedMER-1300

    Menu "base reset" should not be visible in HS

    3 - MajorImage Removed 
    TaskImage RemovedMER-1299

    TR-069 review

    4 - NeutralImage Removed 
    TaskImage RemovedMER-1298

    Check current memory status during firmware update

    3 - MajorImage Removed 
    BugImage RemovedMER-1297

    [N510] COLP/Cyrillic letters

    3 - MajorImage Removed 
    BugImage RemovedMER-1283

    CLONE - [N510 SW 199] Secure provisioning

    4 - NeutralImage Removed 
    New FeatureImage RemovedMER-1279

    VDM list for A540IP O2 CZ

    3 - MajorImage Removed 
    New FeatureImage RemovedMER-1278

    New WEB-Server language in Czech

    3 - MajorImage Removed 
    TaskImage RemovedMER-1277

    Unique user and admin account access configurable via TR-069 for O2 CZ

    3 - MajorImage Removed 
    New FeatureImage RemovedMER-1275

    Unique user and admin account access for O2 CZ

    3 - MajorImage Removed 
    TaskImage RemovedMER-1274

    User agent format for O2 CZ as defined in TR000137 3.4

    3 - MajorImage Removed 
    BugImage RemovedMER-1273

    Save and restore with new O2 Czech variant

    3 - MajorImage Removed 
    TaskImage RemovedMER-1271

    [Pygats for Merkur] Check infrastructure and Asterisk VoiP accounts due to recent test failures

    4 - NeutralImage Removed 
    Action ItemImage RemovedMER-1270

    [Pygats for Merkur] Determine tools neccesary to be able to perform AUT tests for GO features

    4 - NeutralImage Removed 
    BugImage RemovedMER-1268

    Network->Security WebUI site is not accessibly on Zielsim

    4 - NeutralImage Removed 
    TaskImage RemovedMER-1259

    Support for ACC team

    4 - NeutralImage Removed 
    TaskImage RemovedMER-1258

    Make descriptions of Jira tasks in Merkur project

    3 - MajorImage Removed 
    TaskImage RemovedMER-1256

    [Pygats for Merkur] Write a script which checks correctness of adding new entry into a directory

    4 - NeutralImage Removed 
    BugImage RemovedMER-1245

    Factorytest command: Empty ActivationCode has a default value

    3 - MajorImage Removed 
    BugImage RemovedMER-1244

    [ACC][WebUI] Lack of language translation.

    4 - NeutralImage Removed 
    BugImage RemovedMER-1241

    [ACC][Registration] DCF HSs are not fully supported.

    2 - CriticalImage Removed235
    Action ItemImage RemovedMER-1235

    Send SUOTA push in case SUOTA is enabled/disabled via WEB UI

    4 - NeutralImage Removed 
    Action ItemImage RemovedMER-1223

    CLONE - Add R650H PRO handset to whitelist for N510 and N720

    1- BlockerImage Removed235
    BugImage RemovedMER-1221

    CLONE - [ACC] Base restart: Black screen for a while

    4 - NeutralImage Removed 
    BugImage RemovedMER-1214

    [ACC][MWI][MCL] Missed calls from Asterisk ( are not saved on MCL.

    3 - MajorImage Removed 
    ImprovementImage RemovedMER-1208

    Add Root- und Intermediate-Certificate CA ""

    3 - MajorImage Removed234
    BugImage RemovedMER-1186

    [ACC][VoIP Wizard] VoIP Wizard / Rec.Connection: HS is frozen after we press SK

    2 - CriticalImage Removed 
    TaskImage RemovedMER-1175

    [WebUI] Create a list of hidden pages

    4 - NeutralImage Removed 
    BugImage RemovedMER-1152

    CLONE - [ACC] Black screen after pressing Sidekey during conference call

    4 - NeutralImage Removed 
    BugImage RemovedMER-1150

    [ACC][AM] Cannot delete messages in special case.

    3 - MajorImage Removed 
    BugImage RemovedMER-1145

    for voip installation assistent display text and key assignment are not in sync

    4 - NeutralImage Removed 
    BugImage RemovedMER-1138

    Discontinuations and no sound when outgoing call.

    4 - NeutralImage Removed 
    BugImage RemovedMER-1134

    [N510] CLIP/COLP update not working like Desktop phones

    3 - MajorImage Removed 
    Action ItemImage RemovedMER-1129

    verify and import new translations into Merkur SW

    4 - NeutralImage Removed 
    BugImage RemovedMER-1126

    [Gigaset GO] Help file (Smarthelp), submenus can not be opened.

    4 - NeutralImage Removed 
    BugImage RemovedMER-1118

    [N510] Calls to one mobile network produces ringback to the DECT handset. Calls to the 02 network although ringback rtp is sent to the N510 this is not heard on the DECT handset

    2 - CriticalImage Removed 
    BugImage RemovedMER-1117

    F-Test Command "QST-Play/Detect-Sinus-Tone"

    2 - CriticalImage Removed230
    New FeatureImage RemovedMER-1116

    Remove call manager in Web-UI for GO Products

    4 - NeutralImage Removed 
    BugImage RemovedMER-1112

    [ACC][SW-Update][Web-UI]Merkur freezes in loop after start update.

    2 - CriticalImage Removed 
    BugImage RemovedMER-1111

    [ACC] Confusing message on the WebUI

    4 - NeutralImage Removed 
    BugImage RemovedMER-1109

    [N510] Implementation of RFC 3264. One-way audio

    2 - CriticalImage Removed 
    BugImage RemovedMER-1108

    Russia: No entry of HS name in Web UI if PC Cyrillic

    4 - NeutralImage Removed 
    BugImage RemovedMER-1106

    [ACC][Provisioning] Several xml files are downloaded

    3 - MajorImage Removed 
    BugImage RemovedMER-1105

    [ACC][MWI] AM idle counter does not update after delete NetAM credentials.

    4 - NeutralImage Removed 
    Action ItemImage RemovedMER-1101

    CLONE - TLS-Settings - CA certificates

    4 - NeutralImage Removed234
    ImprovementImage RemovedMER-1099

    [N510] does not support SHA256/newest versions of TLS(v1.2/v1.3)

    3 - MajorImage Removed 
    ImprovementImage RemovedMER-1093

    VoIP wizard: symbolic parameters are not correctly assigned to account 2-6

    4 - NeutralImage Removed 
    BugImage RemovedMER-1067

    [ACC] Missed Calls counter is not updated

    4 - NeutralImage Removed 
    ImprovementImage RemovedMER-1060

    Insert MMI to change AM phrases regarding language

    4 - NeutralImage Removed 
    TaskImage RemovedMER-1053

    send out all WEBUI translations for verification -> Russian language

    3 - MajorImage Removed 
    BugImage RemovedMER-1051

    mail notification is not working -Russian variant

    3 - MajorImage Removed223
    TaskImage RemovedMER-1050

    check all webUI translations for Russian language

    3 - MajorImage Removed 
    New FeatureImage RemovedMER-10273 - MajorImage Removed BugImage RemovedMER-9994 - NeutralImage Removed 
    BugImage RemovedMER-983

    [Etisalat] TR069: Delay in response for "Connection Request"

    4 - NeutralImage Removed 
    BugImage RemovedMER-981

    [Etisalat] TR069 Firmware Upgarde not performed after reboot.

    4 - NeutralImage Removed 
    BugImage RemovedMER-979

    [Etisalat] A510 @IMS platform receives '400' Bad Request for SIP REGISTER

    4 - NeutralImage Removed 
    New FeatureImage RemovedMER-978

    [Etisalat] TR069: SIP 'Registration Refresh Time' available via SPV/GPV

    4 - NeutralImage Removed 
    New FeatureImage RemovedMER-976

    [Etisalat] TR069 ACS URL available in WebUI

    4 - NeutralImage Removed 
    New FeatureImage RemovedMER-974

    [Etisalat] TR069: Firmware Downgrade

    4 - NeutralImage Removed 
    New FeatureImage RemovedMER-973

    [Etisalat] TR069: VoIP line status via GPV

    4 - NeutralImage Removed 
    New FeatureImage RemovedMER-926

    AOH CLIP for Russia. Menu needed to switch on/off AOH Clip

    3 - MajorImage Removed 
    StoryImage RemovedMER-916

    [Merkur] Make voip wizard extensible

    4 - NeutralImage Removed 
    BugImage RemovedMER-904

    Calls not saved to Call List after Ringback and after one touch call

    4 - NeutralImage Removed 
    BugImage RemovedMER-889

    Refine search when using private phonebook not working.

    4 - NeutralImage Removed 
    New FeatureImage RemovedMER-854

    Support SUOTA for handsets Kilby/Shark in transparent mode

    3 - MajorImage Removedfixed on main (version to be defined!)
    BugImage RemovedMER-808

    [TalkTelecom] When upgrading to Rel 207 on Merkur, some parameters are set back to default.

    2 - CriticalImage Removed