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Example of Sipgate trunking gateway settings 1/2.



Example of Sipgate trunking gateway settings 2/2.


Dial command

The dial command is the command which is used in the asterisk software. The term {number:1}  means, that at the dialled number (e.g. 008987654321) the first digit is removed. If you don't use a line access code (in most cases '0' is used), you have to remove the ':1' ! ! ! In case you want to use the prefix in the outbound routes, you have to enter '{prefix} to the dial command: SIP/{prefix}{number:1}@{gateway}


Select here the previously created gateway group.

Update remote party ID / P-Asserted-Identity (CLIP)

These settings are just optional, as the provider replaces outgoing CLIP which is not valid with the default number of the SIP account.

T.38 support

In order to have the best fax support on the FXS ports, you have to deactivate the T.38 support option. A fallback to G.711 will be used instead.

Advanced Parameter

You have to enter the complete term


in the value-field and press the plus-sign.

Underneath you will see then a preview of the entry in the sip.conf file.