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Release Date:

December 2013



What is new?


  • SIP registration timer in case of 4xx - 6xx response (except 423)
  • Auto-provisioning: Automatic accept all certificates
  • Auto-provisioning: Version Value field is optional     
  • Auto-provisioning: Parameter for Info services                                     
  • Possibility to disable services menu in device. (Broadsoft)       
  • Default MWI settings: Missed Calls and Voicemail are now enabled by default. 
  • Name of Backup file should be "CONFIG.DAT"
  • Improved behavior of REGISTER authentication processing (Seen at Dutch provider)                                                                                                              


  • Reboot when Autolookup phone-book
  • Genband/CS2K: SIP invite issue.
  • Phone should not allow upload an individual directory backup from older firmware.

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Open Source Software

Open Source Software


Your Gigaset unit includes, among other things, Open Source software that is subject to various licence conditions. With regard to Open Source software, the granting of usage rights that go beyond the operation of the device in the form supplied by Gigaset Communications GmbH is governed by the relevant license conditions of the Open Source software.

Licence and copyright information

Your Gigaset unit includes Open Source software which is subject to the GNU General Public licence (GPL) or the GNU Library / Lesser General Public Licence (LGPL). The corresponding source code can be downloaded from the internet at The corresponding source code can also be requested from Gigaset Communications GmbH, for a charge no more than the cost of performing this distribution, within three years of purchasing the product. Please use the contact details provided at