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Embedded Integrator

Virtual Integrator

Image RemovedYou can connect the devices to your local network via a switch/hub or directly with a router. A VoIP PABX is required for Internet telephony. This must be accessible via the local network and must have network access (to the Internet and/or the analogue or ISDN telephone network).
Otherwise it will only be possible to make calls within the LAN.

You also need a PC connected to the local network, so that you can configure your telephone system via the web configurator. For each device to be connected to the local network an Ethernet cable (Cat 5/6/7 with 2 RJ45 modular jacks) is required.

  1. Pull the upper part of the housing up and fold it forwards .
  2. Insert a plug from an Ethernet cable into the LAN connection socket at the top of the device .
  3. Insert the second Ethernet cable plug into a LAN socket for your local network or on the router .
  4. Close the flap.