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Embedded Integrator

Virtual Integrator

The web configurator 

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Use the web configurator to set up your N870/N670 system and configure your DECT network.

  • Set up the DECT network, register and synchronize the base stations.
  • Make basic settings for the VoIP connections and register and configure the handsets you wish to use in the DECT network.
  • Make additional settings, e.g., meet particular prerequisites for connecting the handsets to a corporate network or adjust the voice quality on VoIP connections.
  • Save data required to access specific services on the Internet. These services include access to public online directories, as well as synchronizing the date/time with a time server.
  • Save your DECT network's configuration data as files on your PC and reload these in the event of an error. You can arrange firmware updates for the devices.


At least one N870 device is installed as Integrator/DECT manager.

A standard web browser is installed on the PC/tablet, e.g., Internet Explorer or Firefox.

The device housing the Integrator/DECT manager and the PC/tablet are directly connected to one another in a local network. The settings of any existing firewall installed on your PC allow the PC/tablet and Integrator/DECT manager to communicate with each other.

Depending on your VoIP PABX/VoIP provider, it is possible that you will be unable to change individual settings in the web configurator.

While you are connected to the web configurator, it is blocked to other users. Simultaneous access is not possible.

  • Launch the web browser on your PC/tablet.
  • Enter http:// and the current IP address for the Integrator/DECT manager in the address field of the web browser (for example:

IP address of the device

If the IP address is assigned dynamically via your local network's DHCP server, you can find the current IP address on the DHCP server in the list of registered DHCP clients. The MAC address can be found on the rear of the device. If necessary, contact the network administrator for your local network.

Your DECT manager's IP address may change occasionally depending on the DHCP server settings.

Logging into/off the web configurator

Once you have successfully established the connection, the login screen is displayed in the web browser.

  • Enter the Username in the upper text field. Default setting: admin
  • Enter the Password in the bottom field of the web page. Default setting: admin
  • Click on Login.


You should change the password for security reasons.

If you do not make any entries for a lengthy period (approx. 10 minutes), you are automatically logged off. The next time you try to make an entry or open a web page, the login screen is displayed again. Enter the password again to log back in.

Any entries that you did not save on the telephone system before automatic logoff will be lost.

Logging off

You will find the log off function at the top right of each web page, below the product name.