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Rescue / Recovery procedure

In case the phone crashed and can't boot up successfully. Flash memory data destroyed. Then you can use the following procedure to install the latest firmware in the device.
To download the latest firmware, please go to our Release Notes page

Using the reset button at the bottom of the device

  1. At the bottom of the device, there is a reset button.

  2. Press and hold Reset button and then plug in the power cord, after the booting screen, it will get into a "Rescue Mode".

  3. You will see the following text on the display:

Enter Rescue Mode Are you sure?

No Yes

Press "Yes" to enter the Rescue mode. You will see the following text on the display:


Waiting for upgrade

Now you can install new software using TFTP . Your Computer should be in the same Network like the phone (192.168.15.x)

On Windows

  • Open a "DOS-box"
  • go to the DIR where the Firmware is located
  • tftp -i <PHONE-IP-address> PUT filename.img


  • Open a Terminal
  • Firmware file has to be in users home-DIR
  • tftp
  • connect
  • binary
  • rexmt 1
  • timeout 60
  • put <filename.img>