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Every IP phone connected to the Gigaset T300/T500 can use the following codes to use these features.

Code Feature
*0800 ~ 99Park&Orbit 00 ~ 99 is position. Place call on hold and dial *08[position no#]. Dial *08[position no#] to retrieve.
* 010 CFU deactivate
* 011Phone numberCFU activate
* 020 CFB deactivate
* 021Phone numberCFB activate
* 030 CFNR deactivate
* 031Phone numberCFNR activate
* 070 CCBS deactivate
* 071 CCBD activate
* 090 DND deactivate
* 091 DND activate
* 1 Recording the call and sending as a voicemail
* 32Group IDLogging the user in to the group
* 33Group IDLogging the user out of the group
* 5Phone numberActivating redirect to this number
* 5 Deactivating redirect
* 6Speed dialCalling a phone number using speed dial
* 77Login IDLogging the user on to the phone
* 78Login IDLogging the user out of the phone
* 79 Logging all users out of the phone
* 8Internal phone numberCall-pickup for a user with this phone number
* 8 Random Call-pickup
* 9ID for a voicemail boxChecking a Voicemail box
** Making a call via a line with corresponding line prefix

For a complete overview, download the administrator-manual of the T300/500 system.