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Directory name:

  • Max. length of field - 20 characters
  • String used on handsets to show in Online Directories list

Server address:

  • Max. length of field - 254 characters
  • It could be either IP address or URL address of server


Server port:

  • Default value - 389


LDAP Search Base (BaseDN):

  • Max length of field - 254 characters
  • String used to define distinguished name for LDAP bind and it's treated as starting point for LDAP search



  • Max length of field - 50 characters



  • Max length of field - 64 characters



Creating/obtaining BaseDN

BaseDN for LDAP Online directory is created from series of RDNs (Relative Distinguished Names) found by walking up the directory information tree. BaseDN is written left to right.

Example: LDAP server is set up in and it contains employees data in organizational unit of Wroclaw.Therefore we have RDNS: dc=gigaset,dc=net and ou=Wroclaw.
Final form of BaseDN in this case will be:
BaseDN: ou=Wroclaw,dc=gigaset,dc=net

BaseDN must be unique in directory information tree.

Special character in BaseDN

Some of the characters used in BAseDN have special meaning:

  • '=' separates name af attribute and its value
  • ',' separates pairs of attibute-value
  • '+'
  • ''<'
  • '>'
  • '#'
  • ';'
  • '\'
  • '"'

Each of this characters can be also used as attribute's value. To do it user should use on of methods described below:

  • Each special character in value should be preceded by '\' (ASCII 92) character.
  • Each special character in value should be replaced by '\' character and two hex numbers which create character's code. This should be done in UTF-8.
  • Whole value should be enclosed in '"' (ASCII 34) characters. All characters in value will be treated as normal characters with exception for '\' and '"' - in this case previous methods should be used as well.



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