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Ask your customer for a building schematic or create one your selves in case no building plan is available. 

First determine the telephony and user's behavior.

  • How many employees should be on the phone and how many people should be able to make calls at the same time? This results in the number of handsets and DECT base stations.
  • Where should it be able to make calls? On which floors, in the stairwell, in which area? This results in the area to be covered.
  • How many calls are made, how long is the average call duration?
  • Where is high traffic? Where are hotspots like Open-plan office, meeting room, canteen? This results in the required capacity.

In the example below, you can see that the meeting room that is also the canteen, at certain time it can be an hotspot. With the customer it is defined that 30 Simultaneous calls should be possible in this area.