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Release Date:

  • Release candidate

What is new?

  • Supported Languages: German / English / Spanish / French / Italian / Russian / Turkish / Netherlands / Portuguese

  • Save of Central phone-book is now possible

  • Distinctive ringing for internal, external, doorstation, group or user defined call types ... and emergency (from alarm server))
  • Add capacity information to http (GET) user-agent header


  • [3CX] device reboots when using uaCSTA and 2e incoming call
  • Large and XXL systems are now released
  • N870 in Integrator mode only:
    • Up to 4 DECT Managers (With license)
    • Up to 800 DECT handsets
  • N870 Virtual Integrator is released
    • Up to 100 DECT Managers (With license)
    • Up to 20000 DECT handsets


  • CSTA
    • CSTA session already active
    • [webui] CSTA transport protocol dropboxuaCSTA behind Mondago, can be changed via the web-interface
    • SnapshotDeviceResponse answer is wrong
    • uaCSTA when switch protocol then reboot is needed.
    • Switch the transport protocol without an reboot
    • Device reboots when using uaCSTA and receiving 2e incoming call
  • CNIP not updated on Transferee after transfer
  • [3CX] After first provisioning, the central phonebook is not downloaded.
  • Cannot set Central Phonebook as Directory for INT key
  • Web UI
  • Central phone-book
    • Can be downloaded via the web-interface
    • INT key can be assigned to Central phone-book
    • After provisioning is automatically downloaded
  • Web-interface: Configure SIP registration behaviour behavior if mobile device is not connected/reachable
  • Caller-Id not updated after call transfer at OpenScape Business
  • Fix for CNIP with cyrillic Cyrillic characters not displayed on DECT phone
  • HTTPS for Rap - fixes for nested absolute links
  • N870 get Get handset information via HTTP(s) get
  • [BT][N870][V2.23.0.rc4] - device doesn't perform failover Failover to secondary SBC (sip proxy)
  • Register request with Authorization Digest: QOP = "auth-int" or "auth-init"
  • Display handset during call transfer is very slow
    Virtual Integrator license 
  • N870 provisioning failed message but can't find why
  • When XHTML is used, incoming slow 
  • xHTML: Incoming invite with auto-answer is not possible
  • Syslog add
    • Add information if setting is changed
    • Add LDAP information
  • No CLIP update
  • Add LDAP information to syslogLDAP detail view doesn't work on some entries
  • Auto-provisioning
    • Parameter "" should work without restart
    • Default ringtone can be changed via provisioning
    • Provisioning started via web-interface showed failed message but worked fine
  • Maximum length of REFER-TO header increased
  • default ringtone should be possible to change via provisioning

Known Issues

  • Problems with XML directories...

For testing upgrade, a fake software image can be downloaded here.